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2 Axis Blow Molding IML – HMI IML SYSTEM

What is In-Mold Labeling?

In-Mold Labeling technology (IML) was developed by P&G. The first was for head & shoulders shampoo bottle. IML is also known as In-Mold Film (IMF) or In-Mold Lamination (IML). In IML molding process, the labels are pre-printed and then fed into the mold. Through the process of injection and the heat radiation, the labels fuse into the surface of products and form the packaging layer. In contrast to traditional decorating process, IML does not need the secondary processing. We offer IML solutions for two kinds of plastic molding processes:

Injection Molding IML

Blow Molding IML

The Advantages of IML Technology

Futuristic and Colorful​

With IML packaging, the saturation and the resolution are better than thermal transfer and surface printing, so IML enhances products' features which become more recognizable.

Packaging Flexibility​

By replacing the IML labels, you can manufacture a variety of products. It is especially suitable for the container items which have vary packaging styles, such as paint buckets or for beverage industry, and facilitates the high added-value.​


IML labels are integrally formed that there is no seam, no shedding and they are anti-scratch, water resistant and anti-acid. This label layer increases the strength of your product shell and saves the cost of injection process.​


The material for injection is the same as label's, so that the recycling process is just the same as original that chopping products into plastic pellets and done!​