Your IML Helper!

HMI IML SYSTEM Ltd. Co., concentrates on designing and manufacturing “In-mold labeling” (IML) machinery. We have been in this field for over a decade and acknowledged by different patents of our research. Based on our experience, we can customize machines for different challenges, for instance, multi-cavity production, large-size in-mold labeling and thick labels, etc., and we are confident that our solutions are the most suitable for you.  Furthermore, all of our IML systems are equipped with servo motors for motion control and along with high resolution label films. As an IML total solutions provider, we help clients reach the high accuracy, high efficiency and high-added-value synergy.



Comprehensive Models and Solutions

Our unique and full-coverage solutions and services can fulfill your demand. Currently, we categorize our solutions into Top-Entry IML Integrated Systems, Side-Entry Special-Purpose IML Systems, and Blow Molding IML Systems. You can directly inquire the IML Total Solutions, including labels, molds and molding machinery, label feeders and robot arms, etc.. We can offer you the best professional proposals and solutions.



Our Team

DAVID YANG / IML Chief Engineer
Over 30 years of experience in automation engineering, who built the first generation of in-mold labeling systems of HMI's. He leads the development for the whole process, including mechanical design, circuit design, programming and the production management and is always enthusiastic about in-mold labeling technology.
LEO YANG / Marketing Director
MBA graduate from National Taiwan University, specializing in marketing and business planning, with many years of experience in the biggest retailer, especially good at data-driven marketing analysis and a variety of data/A.I. solutions.
DENIS YANG / Sales Manager
10 years of experience in in-mold labeling and familiar with the related supply chain and integration. His consulting service includes accurately analyzing clients' needs and planning for the most profitable solutions. He also ensures the clear communication between our engineering team and the clients' demands.
RAIN CHEN / Senior R&D Engineer
7 years of experience in mechanical design and responsible for our training programs. The main contributor of our special designs for in-mold labeling.
RAYMOND WU / Global Marketing Consultant
More than 15 years of global marketing experience and proficient in the plastic industry automation equipments. Currently based on the United States and globally providing clients turnkey solutions for plastics productions. Through the virtual integration of global distribution network, the service level and quality are guaranteed.
JERRY LIANG / Plastics Industry Consultant
More than 20 years of experience in plastic injection industry, especially good at strategy planning and new product development.
ANDREW CHEN / Senior Application Engineer
6 years of experience in automation engineering, who was trained for mold competition in college, with holistic and deep knowledge of in-mold labeling mechanical design, process and production management.
TONY DONG / Electrical Engineer
3 years of experience in automation engineering, representing for his college as the contestant of electronic control competition, has a solid foundation to solve related problems.
JEFF LIN / Mechanical Design Consultant
More than 30 years of experience in mechanical design, with extraordinary designing skill and providing reliable solutions.
SURANDI YANG / Administration Manager
Leading our internal financial and personnel processes and providing a stable support for the frontline staffs and production personnel.